Legends & heroes

A Conqueror’s change of heart

In the charming town of Falaise we saw this dramatic monument to that battle hungry medieval warrior, William the Conqueror. Rightly represented as a triumphant king,

Finding Eden, in the forest of Saint-Sever Calvados

Drawn deep into the forest of Saint Sever by a picture of a stone arch we were privileged to meet a charming lady who had

Making the most of Normandy

Guest blogger! Cook’s handbook for Normandy, 1883

Our guest blogger today is Cook’s Handbook for Normandy (and Brittany) from 1883.  Excerpts include traveller advice, the Norman character and scenery.  Every town and

Best bits 2015; our 5 most popular Normandy Then & Now posts!

Our most popular posts in 2015 included stories of medieval knights, WW2 bravery, rejected Kings, writers seeking inspiration and mad hatters.  In reverse order they are: 5) Becoming Zola, in