With JMW Turner in Honfleur

New to Honfleur?  Let us tell you about a special place we discovered quite by accident on probably our third visit. Drive or walk up

How Paul Signac discovered the finer points of art, in Les Andelys

Sometimes we look at an old postcard and are convinced it will be impossible to match.  Look at this charming view of the Seine sparkling

Brocantes & flea markets

Dates announced for La grande Foire à Tout des Andelys 2016!

The grande Foire à Tout Les Andelys is the largest fair of it's kind in Normandy.  Just 20 miles south of Rouen, here you will find an interesting


The lost treasure of the ship Télémaque, at Quillebeuf

Taking our car over the Seine on the little free ferry at Quillebeuf has a leisurely charm.  Now we know that beneath us could be

The mild mannered murderer, from Alençon

Murderer and fraud Edme Samuel Castaing was born in 1789, during the turbulent years of the French Revolution but in Alençon, a prosperous country town that