The lost treasure of the ship Télémaque, at Quillebeuf

Taking our car over the Seine on the little free ferry at Quillebeuf has a leisurely charm.  Now we know that beneath us could be

The mild mannered murderer, from Alençon

Murderer and fraud Edme Samuel Castaing was born in 1789, during the turbulent years of the French Revolution but in Alençon, a prosperous country town that

Château, manoir & architectural gems

Where are the stone soldiers of Manoir des gens d’Armes? In Caen

There have been a lot of changes for this old building and something quite spectacular is now missing... There have probably been dwellings on this piece

The wooden phoenix of Saint-Pierre-sur-Dives

For nearly 1000 years, fine produce from across the Pays d’Auge has changed hands in the vast market hall of Saint-Pierre-sur-Dives.  Aromatic sausages, oozing Camembert