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Bonne fête à tous les grand-pères!

Although there is a lot of information online that says grandfather's day in France was invented in 2007, our postcard suggests it is a much older celebration. Look how pleased this old gentleman is to see his smiling grandchildren.  In a difficult world he knows he is blessed. Today we are sending love to

Joyeuses Pâques! Have a safe Easter 2017

The small child in this unusual postcard is understandably terrified. Pretty pink flowers dotted all over offer no reassurance, this is clearly a poorly conceived construction. Our pilot is expected to fly this mad Easter machine without any protective clothing, scant regard for the laws of aerodynamics and an environmentally unfriendly fuel system.  We

Joyeux Noël from Normandy Then and Now!

Our first Christmas in Normandy was a peaceful revelation.  All the towns and villages are twinkling with lights and decorations making even the shortest drive a bit of a show. Everyone meets up on Christmas Eve for dinner - seafood is popular - and the restaurants are packed. This leaves Christmas

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