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American soldier in Normandy; drawings from 1944

Victor Alfred Lundy was 21 years old when he was shipped out to Europe, in August 1944.  D-Day and the army had changed his plans from architecture, to the infantry. Enlisting Victor enlisted in the army in December of 1941, the day after the bomb was dropped on Pearl Harbour. He was accepted into

The resurrection of a talking Church in Ménil-Gondouin

A determined Abbé Here are two men happy in their work.  Together they are making the world a slightly better place and their satisfaction is clear.  Not a selfish, self-interested satisfaction but the joy of creating something that will enhance the lives of the people they love. Well, if there is

Something is waiting, by Chapelle Sainte Geneviève

An invisible crowd waits on the hillside, staring into a forest.  They have waited so long their chairs of rocks are covered in moss, corners softened by heaps of pine needles. Chapelle Sainte Geneviève is a very strange place indeed. Rise and fall, and rise of the chapelle The first chapel was built

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