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Saving Saint-Arnoult, the oldest Christian building in Calvados

Up in the hills above the Touques river valley overlooking Trouville, a small broken church leans against up against a priory chapel. 1000 years have stripped Saint Arnoult church of its roof but the crypt remains beneath, tethering these modest buildings to the hillside. The chapel and village church were built

An incognito King, in Deauville

Sometime in the spring of 1922, the Marquis de Viana rented a beautiful manor house overlooking the sea at Le Grand Bec, not far from Deauville.  Over the next few weeks the Manoir de Clairefontaine was buffed up, ready for a very special visitor. A king in need of a change Earlier

A tidily dressed man, in Honfleur

Or, the passions of Fernand Herbo. This post appeared in our original blog Honfleur Then and Now, in 2012. Walking around Le Vieux Basin in Honfleur is often a chance to admire artists at work, as they endeavour to capture the shimmering light and remarkable landscape of this ancient port.  Today's postcard

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