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Pâtisserie with Pascal, in the Perche

The owner of the chateau in our vintage postcard is an award winning Paris chef.  He welcomes guests for dinner, to stay and... to learn from him the secrets of perfect Parisian pâtisserie. Would we be brave enough to try something very new? Of course! A very tasty idea We signed up for

The vandal of Manoir de Courboyer, in the Perche

There is something missing from our postcard match today.  On the left a chapel built in 1500 used to stand. It wasn’t lost by fire, storms or earthquake but because of the vandal of Courboyer… A new manor for a new world By the end of the 100 Years War in 1449

Saving Saint-Arnoult, the oldest Christian building in Calvados

Up in the hills above the Touques river valley overlooking Trouville, a small broken church leans against up against a priory chapel. 1000 years have stripped Saint Arnoult church of its roof but the crypt remains beneath, tethering these modest buildings to the hillside. The chapel and village church were built

Ducey, a distillery and the saving of le château des Montgommery

If you drove through Ducey a little over thirty years ago, the only memorable sight would be an abandoned distillery decaying on the corner of Rue du Gén Leclerc. Observant travellers may have noticed a high roof behind the crumbling buildings, but most people would have looked away. Ducey knew a

When a dream came true, at Château de Crosville-sur-Douve, in the Manche

One day in 1980 a girl called Michèle on a Normandy school bus heard that a tumble-down château  and its farm were for sale. Michèle was horrified.  She lived there. Michèle Lefol’s family are not grand.  They don’t descend from the château’s fine family.  Her grandparents took on the farm before WW2. 

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