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Something is waiting, by Chapelle Sainte Geneviève

An invisible crowd waits on the hillside, staring into a forest.  They have waited so long their chairs of rocks are covered in moss, corners softened by heaps of pine needles. Chapelle Sainte Geneviève is a very strange place indeed. Rise and fall, and rise of the chapelle The first chapel was built

The devil and Château de Jumilly

Match! All that remains of Château de Jumilly Two devilish legends cling to the last few remaining stones of Château de Jumilly, deep in the Orne region of Normandy. Which is why it is generally known as Château Diable! The fall of a fine house This land is an empty place now; just a

Pâtisserie with Pascal, in the Perche

The owner of the chateau in our vintage postcard is an award winning Paris chef.  He welcomes guests for dinner, to stay and... to learn from him the secrets of perfect Parisian pâtisserie. Would we be brave enough to try something very new? Of course! A very tasty idea We signed up for

The vandal of Manoir de Courboyer, in the Perche

There is something missing from our postcard match today.  On the left a chapel built in 1500 used to stand. It wasn’t lost by fire, storms or earthquake but because of the vandal of Courboyer… A new manor for a new world By the end of the 100 Years War in 1449

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