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Louviers’ wolf and the strange werewolves of Normandy

As long winter nights stretch before us and the dark places beyond our windows seem just a little closer, our thoughts turn to old tales of the wolves. For centuries, above raging winds and under silent moons their howl could be heard across these lands, striking fear into all that heard

3rd Sunday regular antique brocante in La Ferrière-sur-Risle

La Ferrière-sur-Risle is perfect example of a small Eure Normandy country town, with ancient beamed homes, elegant brick maison and wide tree-lined streets. A regular antique brocante takes place on the third Sunday of the month (except August).  Worth a visit for the location as well as for bargains, it takes place

The short life of Levavasseur’s gothic folly; the mill at Fontaine-Guérard

Our match may not be the best, but it is the first view we ever had of the Filature Levavasseur as we zoomed along the Andelle valley one summer day.  What was an English cathedral doing in a Eure valley?  In a hurry we raced past, determined to return. For centuries

Return to Cahaignes; abandoned chateau update

Tucked away amongst our old posts are two about a chateau at Cahaignes, in the Eure region of Normandy. Back in 2013 we had hoped to match an old postcard of a grand chateau only to find it abandoned and in an appalling state. At that time there were no fences or

Guest blogger! From Giverville to the Évreux guillotine, in 1837

Not far from this idyllic Giverville scene, back in the 1830’s lived Pierre-Aime Pinel, with his wife and young family.  Pierre-Aime was now 30, his wife Marie-Clotilde Cauvin, 40.  Any traces of the alluring older woman he once adored disappeared in the decade they had lived as man and wife. 

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