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The life of a small harbour; Le port du cap Lévi, in Cotentin

The top left of Normandy is the Cotentin Peninsula and within that, the Val de Saire.  A region with timeless pockets of wildness and a shoreline that has been battling the sea since time began. All around its maritime boundaries are ports; from stately Cherbourg to little stone pockets by small

Normandy in the 19th century – maps by Alexandre Vuillemin

Parisian Alexandre Vuillemin was born in 1812, the year Napoleon invaded Russia.  During his life (Alexandre died in 1880) France would be invaded, gain and lose territories and embrace the industrial revolution. As France evolved, it's borders and in turn it's cartographers became increasingly important. Alexandre studied his art under the

Watering places of Normandy – more from Cook’s invaluable 1883 handbook

At this time of year many Normandy fans, or soon to be fans, are planning a seaside holiday in this remarkable region. To help choose a fine beach at a sensible price, we have dipped back in to ‘Cook’s Handbook for Normandy’ published in 1883, and are sharing with you reviews

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