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The slandering of Princesse d’Harcourt

  Pretty and fair with skin like cream, Françoise de Brancas Princesse d'Harcourt lived in that strange world Versailles, when the Sun King Louis XIV ruled. He demanded his aristocrats paid court to him in his glorious over stuffed castle and so there they lived, squeezed into every last corner and cupboard.

Watering places of Normandy – more from Cook’s invaluable 1883 handbook

At this time of year many Normandy fans, or soon to be fans, are planning a seaside holiday in this remarkable region. To help choose a fine beach at a sensible price, we have dipped back in to ‘Cook’s Handbook for Normandy’ published in 1883, and are sharing with you reviews

The happy history hunt – announcing European Heritage days in September 2017

Château Tourlaville, near Cherbourg Are you planning a visit to Normandy? History lover? You need to know about this important weekend. We discovered European heritage days ‘Journées européennes du patrimoine‘ when the charming owner of a Normandy château refused the usual payment for a tour of his lovely home. Journées européennes du patrimoine Heritage

The terrible tale of the Ravalet children, from Tourlaville

A million footsteps have covered those made by Marguerite and Julien de Ravalet, growing up in Le Château des Ravalet long ago, but their scandalous story will never disappear. Theirs is a true story so shocking it shook 17th century society and stained the name of Ravalet forever. Like many tragedies this

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