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The surprising battle of St-Cyr-de-Bailleul, in 1906

In the south of Normandy, deep in the countryside near the border with Mayenne, is a tiny village called St-Cyr-de-Bailleul.  Here a few hundred souls live around a small unremarkable church. History has little to report here as perhaps it takes a lot to rouse these hard-working country folk from

The comeuppance of Henri, vicomte de Belzunce, in 1789 Caen

Port de Secours at the old chateau in Caen

Setting the scene It is August, 1789.  The French Revolution, which started idealistically enough with the formation of a National Assembly on 17 June to balance royal power, has become rather less polite as the Bastille is stormed on 14 July. This political drama follows months of hardship for the people of

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