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The legend of Saint Romain & the dragon, in Rouen

Our postcard match today is Rue Saint Romain, in Rouen. Despite many years and renovations the view is clearly recognisable, cherished by Rouen as a precious, historic highway. This street is named for one of Rouen’s more exciting saints.  Saint Romain was a seventh century hero famous for battling lasciviousness, pagans and a rather unpleasant dragon. …

Life’s a party, with the Dolly Sisters in Deauville

Whatever anyone says about the dancing Dolly Sisters, remember them in this photo taken on Deauville beach.  Don’t they look charming? Full of life, cheeky and so innocent despite those racy swimming costumes, they are having the time of their lives.  Their real gift was not the stage, but making everyone around them feel just…

The ghastly end of the cruellest corsair, in Barfleur – guest blogger!

After last week’s post we’ve had lots of people ask about the corsair Gilles le Marchant, Sieur de Raffoville and godson of gentle Gilles de Gouberville.  Did we know more about him and what was his bloody end?  Well yes we so know a bit, our guest blogger knows quite a lot more. The man…

Walking in the 16th century footsteps of Gilles de Gouberville

There is an old stone tower deep in the Normandy Cotentin countryside that could be considered unremarkable.  Although its rooms are an unusual combination of chapel below and dovecote above, it is a forlorn truth that this is not the sort of building people drive miles out of their way to see. But we did….

D-Day +365 (part 2) – midweek post

‘Hop-Scotch on Omaha’ YANK magazine, 8 July 1945 – the ships in the distance are D-Day wrecks First printed in Yanks magazine on 8 July 1945, this is part 2 of a visit to Omaha and Utah Normandy beaches just one year after D-Day 6 June 1944.  In part one we heard why D-Day was so…

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