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Disappearing silver at the Devil’s Table, near Passais

Allée couverte de la Table du Diable near Passais Orne

Before tidy roads cut their way across this land, the Passais was a wild, remote place. Named from the old French passer, to pass, this was a place of passage between the Duchy of Normandy and France.  These dangerous, enchanted borderlands were thick with forest and superstition. Lost in the mists of

‘No ship ever brought so much misery to England’, from Barfleur

Lifeboat Barfleur, postcard

‘No ship ever brought so much misery to England’ said William of Malmesbury writing just a few short years after the tragic events of 25 November 1120. Centuries of historians agree with him. It was a rock in the seas around Barfleur that changed the course of history forever. Here, back

Domfront, city of misfortune!

vintage postcard Place Saint Julien Domfront Normandy

Rummaging in Normandy markets we occasionally come across vintage postcards of Domfront showing a rather grisly image; a man dangling from the gallows. Difficult to match – for the artists’ tenuous knowledge of Domfront as much as the dangling man – these postcards often includes an awful warning: Domfront ville du

The space explorer who never left earth, from Donville-les-Bains

donville les baines beach vintage postcard

Decades before the first spacewalk, a child looked out across the sea from the top of Donville-les-Bains’ cliffs, and imagined distant worlds far beyond our own. The cliffs here face the setting sun. Vast, lurid sunsets are soon followed by a web of constellations, brilliant against the velvet heavens that edge

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