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The disastrous Latham-47 Polar rescue, from Caudebec-en-Caux

When the radio message from Umberto Nobile and 9 of his crew was finally picked up by a soviet amateur radio operator Nikolai Schmidt on 3 June 1928, they had been stranded on the ice for eight days.  Where the rest of the crew of the airship Italia could be,

The devil and Château de Jumilly

Match! All that remains of Château de Jumilly Two devilish legends cling to the last few remaining stones of Château de Jumilly, deep in the Orne region of Normandy. Which is why it is generally known as Château Diable! The fall of a fine house This land is an empty place now; just a

When Harold met William in 1064; a tale of quicksand and cunning

There is a stained glass window in the Église Notre-Dame at Pontorson that depicts an odd moment in Normandy history that took place just a couple of years before William invaded England. It is the story of Harold Godwinson’s unexpected visit to Normandy in 1064. Harold the hostage No one is entirely

Genêts and the man who saved a million lives in WW1

A walk through Genêts took us to an old church and a very unusual memorial.  The memorial is for General Louis Auguste Adrian.  An understated man who probably saved more lives in WW1 than anyone else. A brilliant man with a modest background Louis was not a famous general, he could lay no claim

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