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Dates announced for La Grande Foire à Tout des Andelys 2018!

The La Grande Foire à Tout des Andelys is the largest fair of it's kind ('fair with everything'!) in Normandy.  Just 20 miles south of Rouen, here you will find an interesting mix of local farm produce, market stalls, brocante (flea and antique) professional traders and families selling assorted bits and bobs

Tarte Aux Poires Normande

Tarte aux poires Normand recipe

Pears are grown all over Normandy and give sweet summer loveliness to perfect puddings.  Puddings like this one. You will need Shortcrust pastry to line a 10" tarte dish - if using something smaller and deeper, just bake for longer and cover with foil for the final stretch. 125g Normandy butter

Rich and creamy baked Normandy cheesecake

Camembert baked cheesecake, with a lot of lovely local fruit.

There is a cheesecake under all that fruit somewhere This cheesecake is wonderfully rich and creamy and although it contains flavourful Camembert, the final taste is not overly cheesy. The only complicated bit is keeping an eye on the last few minutes of cooking (more about that below) – not a

Easy & tasty Tarte Normande

Tarte Normande recipe

We first sent this recipe out as a tweet and had great feedback, including a photo of a non-cook’s excellent first attempt!   For a delicious treat you will need: Enough shortcrust pastry to line a large tarte mould.  Not sure about pastry? No-one will know if you use a ready-made, just

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