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Easy & tasty Tarte Normande

Tarte Normande recipe

We first sent this recipe out as a tweet and had great feedback, including a photo of a non-cook’s excellent first attempt!   For a delicious treat you will need: Enough shortcrust pastry to line a large tarte mould.  Not sure about pastry? No-one will know if you use a ready-made, just

The brocante lovers guide

Some people are born brocante lovers, others wake up one morning in a room of Ikea perfection and realise it lacks a certain something. That something is originality, personality and irreplaceable history.  All of these things can be found in vintage and antique treasures, but where to find them? You can go

Cheval and a show at Haras du Pin

Not being horsey people, a visit to the French national Stud in the Orne has been lurking quite low on our list, but we were in for a rather dainty and delightful surprise. Our postcard shows the main gate of Le Haras national du Pin, the national stud of France. It was

Pâtisserie with Pascal, in the Perche

The owner of the chateau in our vintage postcard is an award winning Paris chef.  He welcomes guests for dinner, to stay and... to learn from him the secrets of perfect Parisian pâtisserie. Would we be brave enough to try something very new? Of course! A very tasty idea We signed up for

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