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The legend and the loveliness of La Fosse Arthour 

Waterfalls on the way to la fosse Arthour

Away from the bustling market towns, the countryside between Manche and Orne regions of Normandy is a land of legends.  Here in thick forests and hidden meadows fairies entice, the devil leads astray, giants hurl megaliths and stories of the old kings and queens are told by firelight on long cold

‘No ship ever brought so much misery to England’, from Barfleur

Lifeboat Barfleur, postcard

‘No ship ever brought so much misery to England’ said William of Malmesbury writing just a few short years after the tragic events of 25 November 1120. Centuries of historians agree with him. It was a rock in the seas around Barfleur that changed the course of history forever. Here, back

Musée Historique of Mont Saint-Michel – midweek picture post!

Garden, Musée d'Histoire Mont Saint-Michel

A visit to Mont Saint-Michel always raises our spirits and our heart rates as we clamber up so, so many steps.  The paved plateau by Chapelle Notre-Dame-sous-Terre is about the highest place visitors can explore, with a view well worth the gasping and being elbowed aside by power walking retirees. This

The last of the coppersmiths, in Villedieu-les-Poêles

Vintage postcad of the Corneille Havard bell foundry in Villedieu les Poeles Normandy

Colourful flags decorate the elegant Mairie in the centre of Villedieu-les-Poêles.  Beautifully crafted brass pots, tools and sculptures gleam in shop windows. Quiet alleys between houses lead to a clear stream where ducks dip and dive between swaying reeds. The Didandier, coppersmiths of Villedieu‘s past would barely recognise their town. At

The surprising battle of St-Cyr-de-Bailleul, in 1906

In the south of Normandy, deep in the countryside near the border with Mayenne, is a tiny village called St-Cyr-de-Bailleul.  Here a few hundred souls live around a small unremarkable church. History has little to report here as perhaps it takes a lot to rouse these hard-working country folk from

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