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The mysterious fortune of the Goupil brothers, in Bagnoles de l’Orne

In 1789 when the Goupil brothers from Tessé-la-Madeleine in the Orne were young men, the French revolution shattered its way across France. Their village was small, their family modest.  Everything important was happening in Paris, so they took themselves off to the city. Jean and Louis Goupil returned in 1829, very very rich… How

The lost treasure of the ship Télémaque, at Quillebeuf

Taking our car over the Seine on the little free ferry at Quillebeuf has a leisurely charm.  Now we know that beneath us could be the treasure of Kings the time is spent planning ludicrous underwater treasure hunts. We would not be the first. The treasure was hidden on a ship

The mild mannered murderer, from Alençon

Murderer and fraud Edme Samuel Castaing was born in 1789, during the turbulent years of the French Revolution but in Alençon, a prosperous country town that experienced little in the way of revolutionary disorder. Edme’s childhood was relatively undisturbed. His family was comfortably bourgeois and as far as we can find out

Falling down, in the Orne; a tale of friendship and murder

Home to Parisian bankers, international golf hotel and Normandy residence of a British criminal who once joined the Queen on the Sunday Times ‘Rich List’.  This is possibly the most unnerving postcard match to make the pages of Normandy Then and Now. When we couldn’t find the location of this postcard

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