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The terrible haunting of a Normandy château

Doesn't this Normandy château look charming? Not overly grand, just inviting?  You are looking at a very misleading picture, for this is the most haunted château in France. There had always been a few stories; a white lady drifting around the grounds and long ago a werewolf terrorised people crossing the

Beware the fairies of the Lude, in Carolles

The beautiful beaches of Normandy that face the English Channel were a revelation to us. For years we had been quite happy with Deauville, Trouville and the northern coast, then a postcard took us to the Carteret and we were hooked. Carolles is just south of Carteret and Granville, on the tip

A Frenchman’s home is his castle, in Cahaignes

An old postcard of a classically beautiful 17th century castle took us to Cahaignes.  We could find nothing online about it, perhaps a private owner had sensibly protected their privacy. Be careful what you wish for Cahaignes is tiny, balanced on the Eure plains between Rouen and Paris with very few roads to

Last flight of The White Bird at Étretat

The first monument to Nungesser and Coli by Louis Rey

The first monument to Nungesser and Coli by Louis Rey The terrible weather was perfect for our next postcard, the site of a French tragedy. While matching our postcard we looked out over the English Channel above Étretat with admiration and astonishment. Here two brave Frenchmen flew into history in a small wood and

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