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The gruesome crowd; a true medieval ghost story from Normandy

Vintage postcard of Saint-Aubin-de-Bonneval Normandy

This week our postcard match is a tiny village in the Orne region of Normandy. Here in the 11th century lived the priest Walkelin and it is his, terrifying, ghost story our guest blogger re-tells today.   Our blogger is Orderic Vitalis; Benedictine monk, 11/12th century chronicler and friend of Walkelin.

What lurks in the Lair of Loisail?

Vintage postcard of Loisail in the Perche region of the Orne Normandy

Just a mile or so from Mortagne-au-Perche, snug in the soft hills and woods of the Orne, is the tiny village of Loisail. Nothing about this hamlet of warm yellow stone houses suggests vast caverns lurk under its fields but they do. For hundreds of years the fine limestone rock of

Domfront, city of misfortune!

vintage postcard Place Saint Julien Domfront Normandy

Rummaging in Normandy markets we occasionally come across vintage postcards of Domfront showing a rather grisly image; a man dangling from the gallows. Difficult to match – for the artists’ tenuous knowledge of Domfront as much as the dangling man – these postcards often includes an awful warning: Domfront ville du

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