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Something is waiting, by Chapelle Sainte Geneviève

An invisible crowd waits on the hillside, staring into a forest.  They have waited so long their chairs of rocks are covered in moss, corners softened by heaps of pine needles. Chapelle Sainte Geneviève is a very strange place indeed. Rise and fall, and rise of the chapelle The first chapel was built

A Walk through old Alençon in 1923 – woodcuts picture post!

A decision in 1848 to send the main Paris train line through Le Mans not Alençon may have been bad for the city's economy, but also left it's grand old streets untouched by progress. Then in 1944 Alençon was fortunate to be liberated with considerably less bombing than other areas of

The devil and Château de Jumilly

Match! All that remains of Château de Jumilly Two devilish legends cling to the last few remaining stones of Château de Jumilly, deep in the Orne region of Normandy. Which is why it is generally known as Château Diable! The fall of a fine house This land is an empty place now; just a

The best work he would ever do? A painted Oratoire, near Passais

Some places become special for reasons no-one can remember, and that is true of a little patch of land by a lane leading to the manoir du pas de la Vente, near Passais.  For more than a millennia this has been a place of hope, desperation and occasionally, prayers answered. It

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