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Château d’Ô Dear!

Sharp turrets, silver tipped in the moonlight against an inky sky.  Our vintage postcard depicting J. Hugo d'Alès’ illustration of Château d'Ô was a tempting romantic marvel. A slight kink, a bend in one cardboard corner rendered the postcard delicate and somehow more precious.  We placed it carefully within a plastic pocket. We

A hidden horror lingers in this pretty Normandy valley

Normandy ‘then’ often means D-Day and 1944 bravery.  Or perhaps Vikings swooping in from the North bringing warrior ancestors to William, Duke of Normandy, Conqueror of England.   Their battles are muted by time.  We know they were terrible, that people suffered, others crowed in victory, but we do not see the

How Sées saved the wicked sons of Soreng

The Convent de la Miséricorde at Sées is a place for quiet contemplation. We matched our postcard from a little street in a nearby housing estate and the changes seemed superficial. Something timeless strengthens the Convent at Sées. The caring nuns of Miséricorde do good works as far afield as Africa.

The many legends of Saint Cénere-le-Gérei

After an impulse purchase of a postcard depicting a shed in a field, we looked forward to routling around for something interesting about it. We felt rather foolish when we instantly uncovered an avalanche of stories.  Clearly this particular small shed attracts more than its fair share of attention. To precis a

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