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Peasant life in Normandy, by Gertrude Käsebier in 1894 – guest photo blogger!

Rabbit and poultry vendors Today our midweek photo post comes from the small farming community of Cressy in Seine Maritime.  Our guest blogger Gertrude Käsebier visited in 1894, while an art student in Paris. Her unique photographs of Normandy country life reveal a world now long lost, a time just before the

WW2 history is disappearing from Néville-sur-Mer

Quietly crumbling into the sea, in amongst soft dunes isolated by marshland, is the Batterie Blankenese de Néville-sur-Mer.  A few miles east of Cherbourg this is not a famous WW2 heritage site, but still a poignant reminder of when Normandy was occupied by an unwelcome enemy. Then Here, from 1943 the Kreigsmarine,

Wild at art, in Pirou

After looters, the graffiti artists were next to visit the abandoned holiday village in Pirou. For fifteen years they have created vibrant images on these crumbling walls, the local police asking only that they leave no rubbish.  It was a colourful secret until early this year a drone film of the site zoomed

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