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American soldier in Normandy; drawings from 1944

Victor Alfred Lundy was 21 years old when he was shipped out to Europe, in August 1944.  D-Day and the army had changed his plans from architecture, to the infantry. Enlisting Victor enlisted in the army in December of 1941, the day after the bomb was dropped on Pearl Harbour. He was accepted into

Exploring the manor houses of Calvados, in 1937 – photo post!

During 1937, just before the outbreak of  WW2, the Touring Club of France went on an expedition to see the beautiful manor houses of Calvados, in Normandy. Happily for us they took a camera and recorded these grand old houses, including at least one that has now been lost forever. Lets join the

A Walk through old Alençon in 1923 – woodcuts picture post!

A decision in 1848 to send the main Paris train line through Le Mans not Alençon may have been bad for the city's economy, but also left it's grand old streets untouched by progress. Then in 1944 Alençon was fortunate to be liberated with considerably less bombing than other areas of

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