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The resurrection of a talking Church in Ménil-Gondouin

A determined Abbé Here are two men happy in their work.  Together they are making the world a slightly better place and their satisfaction is clear.  Not a selfish, self-interested satisfaction but the joy of creating something that will enhance the lives of the people they love. Well, if there is

Cheval and a show at Haras du Pin

Not being horsey people, a visit to the French national Stud in the Orne has been lurking quite low on our list, but we were in for a rather dainty and delightful surprise. Our postcard shows the main gate of Le Haras national du Pin, the national stud of France. It was

The best work he would ever do? A painted Oratoire, near Passais

Some places become special for reasons no-one can remember, and that is true of a little patch of land by a lane leading to the manoir du pas de la Vente, near Passais.  For more than a millennia this has been a place of hope, desperation and occasionally, prayers answered. It

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