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Following heroes; we drive the 1908 French Grand Prix, from Dieppe

A 1908 postcard of a racing Fiat hurtling through Seine-Inférieure (now Seine Maritime) driven by a stylish pair of moustache and goggle wearing Italians, led us to the discovery that early Grand Prix races took place in Normandy.  Le Mans may have been the first Grand Prix in 1906, but

Peasant life in Normandy, by Gertrude Käsebier in 1894 – guest photo blogger!

Rabbit and poultry vendors Today our midweek photo post comes from the small farming community of Cressy in Seine Maritime.  Our guest blogger Gertrude Käsebier visited in 1894, while an art student in Paris. Her unique photographs of Normandy country life reveal a world now long lost, a time just before the

Watering places of Normandy – more from Cook’s invaluable 1883 handbook

At this time of year many Normandy fans, or soon to be fans, are planning a seaside holiday in this remarkable region. To help choose a fine beach at a sensible price, we have dipped back in to ‘Cook’s Handbook for Normandy’ published in 1883, and are sharing with you reviews

The terrible fire of Château d’Eu, near Treport

We are in the lap of 19th century luxury this week on the blog, which is surprising considering the building on our postcard had burnt down. One afternoon in 1902 a chimney in the fabulously extravagant and importantly historic Château d'Eu caught fire. Unfortunately whoever put it out did a poor

The perils of pretty English girls, for a Frenchman in Étretat

We are delighted to introduce as our guest blogger this week Guy de Maupassant! Here he interviews old friend Henri Sidoine on the Havre-Trouville ferry.  Henri has a terrible warning for his fellow Frenchman. Over to Guy... Discovery The steamer was crowded with people and the crossing promised to be good. I was

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