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Pâtisserie with Pascal, in the Perche

The owner of the chateau in our vintage postcard is an award winning Paris chef.  He welcomes guests for dinner, to stay and... to learn from him the secrets of perfect Parisian pâtisserie. Would we be brave enough to try something very new? Of course! A very tasty idea We signed up for

Our week of Bénédictine cocktails

Matching this wonderful old building was a pleasure and has continued to be so in the form of glowing Green Carnations, fresh Pamplemousses, fancy Full House, the Classic Creole, Le Grimoire, a couple of Colleen Bawns, murky Monk Sours, classic B&B and some Singapore Slings.. Determined not to let this herbaceous

Andouillette is a pretty name

Salon de thé La Petit Chine on Rue du Dauphin, Honfleur, was packed, not a seat to be had.  We showed the very charming waitress our ancient postcard and she nodded 'ah, oui' with a shrug, as though this happened every day. It is not exactly the right view, that would be from

Distracted by the deluge, in Deauville

If you are a gentleman of a certain age, tall with a long black coat, a broad brimmed hat, carefully knotted scarf and very very small dog, and you live in Deauville, you may remember helping us as we balanced on giant terracotta flowerpots to try and match a view