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Fresh gleanings in Rouen – 19th century guest post!

Rouen Fontaine du Gros Horloge Charles Pinet

This week our guest blogger is Donald G. Mitchell who adds a personal view of Rouen to some rather lovely etchings and drawings by Charles Pinet.  Donald was an American traveler, essayist and novelist who usually wrote under the pen name Lk Marvel. Donald's wonderful descriptive article about Rouen in the

The perils of pretty English girls, for a Frenchman in Étretat

We are delighted to introduce as our guest blogger this week Guy de Maupassant! Here he interviews old friend Henri Sidoine on the Havre-Trouville ferry.  Henri has a terrible warning for his fellow Frenchman. Over to Guy... Discovery The steamer was crowded with people and the crossing promised to be good. I was

A wicked cab ride around Rouen, with Madame Bovary

This wonderfully tinted 1918 photo is a postcard of Rouen cathedral where Madame Bovary, bored Normandy Housewife of Gustave Flaubert’s famous novel, behaved so atrociously that in 1856 the author was put on trial for obscenity.  What on earth did he write?! This was his debut novel, set in a large

The bad review; Guest blogger Anna tells us about her visit to Honfleur, in 1890

"Honfleur is an evil-smelling place..." Anna Bowman-Dodd was a travel writer and journalist born in 1855, in New York, and popular at the turn of the 20th century.  In 1890 Anna published ‘In and out of three Normandy inns’. Her book includes a rather startling visit to Honfleur. A questionable invitation, to Honfleur While

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