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A modest WW2 Resistance hero and the V-1 flying bomb, at Val Ygot

V2 rocket Normandy

In the summer of 1943, a middle aged Frenchman in blue overalls pushed a wheelbarrow past German sentries into a construction site at Bonnetot, between Dieppe and Rouen in Normandy. The man, Michel Hollard, did not look extraordinary but he was.  Audacious and brave, Michel’s actions that day would go on

D-Day +365 (part 2) – midweek post


'Hop-Scotch on Omaha' YANK magazine, 8 July 1945 - the ships in the distance are D-Day wrecks First printed in Yanks magazine on 8 July 1945, this is part 2 of a visit to Omaha and Utah Normandy beaches just one year after D-Day 6 June 1944.  In part one we heard

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