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American soldier in Normandy; drawings from 1944

Victor Alfred Lundy was 21 years old when he was shipped out to Europe, in August 1944.  D-Day and the army had changed his plans from architecture, to the infantry. Enlisting Victor enlisted in the army in December of 1941, the day after the bomb was dropped on Pearl Harbour. He was accepted into

From Nonant-le-Pin to… German PoW life in Normandy

The battle of the Falaise Pocket from 12 - 21 August 1944 was one of the most terrible events of the Second World War.  Enemy troops forced into a shrinking space were butchered from every side and above. By 22 August 1944 Allies had closed the infamous ‘Pocket’ around thousands of

Caen, before and after the battle of 1944

This week our match is 73 years out of date.  The early postcards reveal a world now lost. They are matched with photos taken in the summer of 1944, in WW2. The wartime quality of the photography is not sharp, but the story is clear. The battle for Caen lasted just

The war artist, June 1944 in Normandy

Chateau de Sully, near Bayeux, June 1944 by Anthony Gross Although photographs remember a moment, an event, war artists see the emotion in a war; how people live within it, the minutiae of daily life as they prepare, wait, fight, suffer and celebrate.  Faced with the vastness of war, war artists see

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