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Our battiest brocante buy?

Was it the heat? Exhaustion perhaps, after hours wandering around the roads of an old Normandy town given over completely to a brocante market? No idea, but for some reason we came away with a musical decanter shaped like a piano.

A rather embarrassing ‘bargain’ that now lives in a cupboard so it doesn’t frighten visitors.

Stylishly kitsch or…

Something happened between the brocante where we agreed ‘it will look amusing and stylishly kitsch next to the Calvados and Pommeau bottles that weigh down our sideboard‘…. and home.

At home we though ‘Oh.  That appears to be a small fake piano that plays a grim tune when the decanter is removed. It is uniquely hideous. What. Were. We. Thinking.’

We have kept the piano decanter as an awful warning.

Safety first!

However, when the sun is shining a bit too brightly, or the rain falling overly hard and we have been up since dawn rummaging through a vide-grenier or brocante market, accidental purchasing can still happen.

This is when, hopefully, the saner of the two of us will use our ‘safety phrase’:

Yes Dearest that is interesting, it would look great next to the piano decanter...’  No recriminations, nothing more needs to be said.

Be careful out there brocante fans.

Just us?

Has this happened to you? We would love to hear that we are not the only ones led astray by the excitement of a brocante market.  Please send us your scary brocante stories via the contact page, twitter or Facebook. We promise not to judge!

A few things we have learnt along the way

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PS: Hmm that piano decanter doesn’t look so bad up there by the flowers and the old French globe.  Maybe we should leave it there for a bit.  What was that tune it plays…? Hot in here isn’t it?!

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