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Rare 19th century architectural lithographs for sale

On a hot day spring day towards the end of a brocante market we found some treasures tucked inside an old portfolio.  Watching over them was a hawk eyed vendor, who we could tell knew he had something rather special.

With colours so fresh it was as though they were seeing sunlight for the first time, inside were ten almost perfect condition architectural lithographs from the 19th century, depicting Normandy villas.

Each lithograph is an elegant masterpiece.

Published in Paris by Spiégel in 1886 and part of a series ‘La Brique et la terre cuite’ by Pierre Chabat, the lithographs show villas by three architects. They were all printed by A. Lemercier.

We have seen a few of the real villa’s still standing in Calvados; some a little dusty, others proudly polished icons from a glorious time when Normandy’s seaside was the height of fashion. All are unique.

Our lithographs are all for sale, here in the new Normandy Then and Now shop.


Villa a Houlgate


To buy a lithograph, visit our shop.

Normandy Then and Now
Hello! Shamelessly obsessed with Normandy, we are discovering fascinating corners of this delightful region by following a bundle of bewitching vintage postcards. Led by these carte postale, unearthed in brocantes from Le Tréport to Cherbourg, Alençon to Vernon, our travels are uncovering lots of: - hidden histories - awesome art - brilliant brocante (vintage goodies) - amazing architecture - fantastic food and some salacious (if historic) scandal! One of the many attractions of Normandy are the wonderful flea market brocante sales and shops that let everyone bring little bits of Normandy home. We post regular updates on brocante markets in the region plus insider info on where to find the best brocante emporiums.

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