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The thirstiest street in Normandy

Rue Ecuyere Caen carte postale

Between l'Abbaye aux Hommes and Rue Saint Pierre in Caen is Rue Écuyère, ‘street of the horsewomen’.  It was named for the ladies of noble families who lived in grand houses here, but times change. After nobility came the antique sellers who for centuries made Rue Ecuyère synonymous with armoires, folderols

Where is Colbert Marie? The Caen prison massacre of 6 June 1944

We discovered this moment in Caen WW2 history reading the marvelous magazine Patrimone Normand ‘Normandy Heritage’ who have very kindly allowed us to use some of their photographs. Caen in the spring of 1944 One spring evening in 1944 Colbert Marie, age 17, left his boxing club with friends the Boutrios brothers;

‘To Caen’ – can you help us identify this 1944 location?

This sad little postcard was 1 euro at the Honfleur outdoor flea market just a few months ago. All we can be certain of is that one of the signs says 'Caen' and the other 'No Entry'.  Judging by the desolation this is Normandy in 1944. Can you help? We would love to

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