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More watercolours of Normandy by Gordon C. Home – guest artist blogger

Our blogger is regular guest Gordon Cochrane Home.  An artist, traveller and writer, Gordon visited Normandy at the beginning of the 20th century. This week Gordon is sharing illustrations of Évreux, Château d'O, Falaise, Porte Cordeliers Falaise, Gisors, Beaumont-le-Roger and a typical tree lined country road.  These paintings first appeared in

Château d’Ô Dear!

Sharp turrets, silver tipped in the moonlight against an inky sky.  Our vintage postcard depicting J. Hugo d'Alès’ illustration of Château d'Ô was a tempting romantic marvel. A slight kink, a bend in one cardboard corner rendered the postcard delicate and somehow more precious.  We placed it carefully within a plastic pocket. We