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More watercolours of Normandy by Gordon C. Home – guest artist blogger

Our blogger is regular guest Gordon Cochrane Home.  An artist, traveller and writer, Gordon visited Normandy at the beginning of the 20th century. This week Gordon is sharing illustrations of Évreux, Château d'O, Falaise, Porte Cordeliers Falaise, Gisors, Beaumont-le-Roger and a typical tree lined country road.  These paintings first appeared in

A Conqueror’s change of heart

In the charming town of Falaise we saw this dramatic monument to that battle hungry medieval warrior, William the Conqueror. Rightly represented as a triumphant king, William's statue is surrounded by earlier Dukes of Normandy: Robert the Magnificent, Richard the Good (very good at propaganda, also known as the Irascible), Richard

Harlette, or was that harlot? Of Falaise

Harlette, daughter of Fulbert the Tanner, changed the course of history for ever when she raised her skirts a little higher than necessary in the courtyard of Gilbert Count of Brionne, one of the most powerful landowners in Normandy. Ambitions of a medieval lady Her charms were noticed and she was summoned

Tragedy and a pig’s punishment in medieval Falaise

The first time we saw this gateway was on an etching in a brocante just outside of Sées.  We bought it with two others by the same artist ‘M Mulot’ from a heap in an old basket.  Amazingly, considering the brocante seemed to lack one wall, they were dry and