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The terrible haunting of a Normandy château

Doesn't this Normandy château look charming? Not overly grand, just inviting?  You are looking at a very misleading picture, for this is the most haunted château in France. There had always been a few stories; a white lady drifting around the grounds and long ago a werewolf terrorised people crossing the

The ghosts of Normandy past, in Sussex England

Our postcard shows the gatehouse of Battle Abbey, built with an impressive wall, to protect one of the richest Abbeys in England from marauding English and raiding French.  Ironic considering its very existence is due to a promise made to a Pope by a Norman duke, in 1066. Exploring the Abbey

The torment of Baron Frefosse of Étretat – a Normandy legend

As well as a stiff breeze, the strongest sense of déjà vu will hit any fan of the Impressionists lucky enough to walk along Étretat's grassy cliff tops. Claude Monet’s paintings and drawings of the three natural arches Porte d'Aval, Porte d'Amont (Maupassant’s ‘elephant’s trunk’) and La Manneporte have been reproduced and loved across the