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From Ohio to Isigny; the almost Impressionist life of Frank Myers-Boggs

Postcard view of the old fishing quarter at Isigny-sur-mer

When Frank Myers-Boggs returned to America after studying art at the École des Beaux-Arts Paris, he was excited to share the fresh new painting techniques he had learnt. Frank was mixing in the world of revolutionary artists Claude Monet, Alfred Sisley and Eugene Boudin, who influenced him but he was developing

How Paul Signac discovered the finer points of art, in Les Andelys

Sometimes we look at an old postcard and are convinced it will be impossible to match.  Look at this charming view of the Seine sparkling in the sun as a tidy little steamboat chugs cheerfully south towards Paris. What are the chances of finding the right spot on the hill to

Hidden in plain sight, the forgotten Impressionist from Rouen

Matching our postcard of Rouen cathedral we were overwhelmed by the choice of stories to tell.  We will post about Rouen favourites the fearsome Vikings, and clever Flaubert one day.  But today a lesser known son of Rouen, an artist, has grabbed our attention and spattered it with a rainbow of

The torment of Baron Frefosse of Étretat – a Normandy legend

As well as a stiff breeze, the strongest sense of déjà vu will hit any fan of the Impressionists lucky enough to walk along Étretat's grassy cliff tops. Claude Monet’s paintings and drawings of the three natural arches Porte d'Aval, Porte d'Amont (Maupassant’s ‘elephant’s trunk’) and La Manneporte have been reproduced and loved across the

The Monet in the wardrobe, or

How Robert stole the beach at Pourville After ten years of loving the Monet in the wardrobe, neither Robert Zwoliński’s passion or the colours in the painting had faded. Each time he locked the spare bedroom door at his parents apartment, pulled down the blinds (to protect the pigments) and unrolled the

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