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The slave streets of Le Havre

Memorial to those lost in WW1 from Le Havre and is by Pierre-Marie Poisson in 1922

There are two very different memorials in Le Havre; one for lives lost, the other for lives taken, for France. Our postcard shows a glorious memorial to the 6000 people of Le Havre who died in WW1.  They gave their lives for their country in conditions so awful we cannot imagine them.

The French Mr Selfridge

When Georges Dufayel decided to spend some of his vast wealth creating a holiday resort by the sea, he looked to the home of his parents, Normandy. He knew of a bay, sheltered from the wind and overlooked by the craggy hillside ‘La Pointe de la Hève’, just north of bustling

The strange WW1 tale of Belgium in Normandy, at Sainte-Adresse

We knew of Sainte-Adresse from some delightful summery paintings by Claude Monet but didn’t know where it was, or that it used to run Belgium, until we picked up an old postcard with a lovely view of the Seine estuary. We also didn’t know there was never a saint called Sainte-Adresse… Belgium

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