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A rare piece of D-Day history in this sleepy Normandy valley

Viaduct de Berjou postcard

Or, how the Noireau river got a little piece of the Mulberry Harbour for a bridge... The Résistance in action In June 1944 a few days after the Allies landed on Normandy’s beaches, a few members of the Résistance quietly met in the small village of Le Pont Grat, in enemy occupied

Remembering old friends on D-Day, Normandy

Up on the hill above Arromanches-les-Bains we looked down on the bay that became known as Gold Beach on 6 June 1944. We were matching a postcard of four survivors, soldiers who had arrived on D-Day.  We know the photo was taken shorty after D-Day as the Mulberry Harbours, essential for landing