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Rules for sea bathing, in Houlgate

When the last miller of the Moulin Landry hung up his flour sacks, he didn't have retirement in mind.  The clear waters of the Drochon river that had powered the Landry mill for centuries went down to sea and a pretty sandy beach becoming popular with visitors from bustling Caen. The

Take me to Trouville!

On a cold blustery day in February 1848 the last King of France skulked along the quay in Trouville-sur-Mer, desperate to secure passage to England for himself and his family. The winds were high and no sailor could be swayed by the many francs he offered them. A kingly failure He had arrived

The Monet in the wardrobe, or

How Robert stole the beach at Pourville After ten years of loving the Monet in the wardrobe, neither Robert Zwoliński’s passion or the colours in the painting had faded. Each time he locked the spare bedroom door at his parents apartment, pulled down the blinds (to protect the pigments) and unrolled the

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