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Murder of a monster; Mabel de Bellême

This quaint tower on the edge of Sées is all that is left of a mighty entrance gate. Here a levy would be charged to every person and cart passing into the town. The gates may have kept out the vast forests of Écouves that once stretched all the way to

AWOL in the Orne, in 1918

In between quiet villages and charming towns in the Orne, Normandy, are vast swathes of forests and fields. Here quite a lot happens, but people generally keep it to themselves. We were therefore rather baffled when a postcard match took us to a very private house on a rarely travelled lane.  Unsurprisingly

How Sées saved the wicked sons of Soreng

The Convent de la Miséricorde at Sées is a place for quiet contemplation. We matched our postcard from a little street in a nearby housing estate and the changes seemed superficial. Something timeless strengthens the Convent at Sées. The caring nuns of Miséricorde do good works as far afield as Africa.