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Bonne Fête Nationale! 

Postcard - Rouen from Côte Sainte-Catherine The French national day or ‘la fête nationale’  on 14 July is France’s biggest national holiday. Most English speaking countries know it as Bastille Day.  At some point in everyone’s history lessons the storming of the Bastille by revolutionaries on 14 July 1789 gets a mention. However in

The brocante lovers guide

Some people are born brocante lovers, others wake up one morning in a room of Ikea perfection and realise it lacks a certain something. That something is originality, personality and irreplaceable history.  All of these things can be found in vintage and antique treasures, but where to find them? You can go

Our battiest brocante buy?

Was it the heat? Exhaustion perhaps, after hours wandering around the roads of an old Normandy town given over completely to a brocante market? No idea, but for some reason we came away with a musical decanter shaped like a piano. A rather embarrassing 'bargain' that now lives in a cupboard

How to completely botch your trip to Normandy

We started this blog to answer the question 'is there more to Normandy than Monet, WW2, Calvados and Cheese?' and are still enjoying looking for the answer.  Along the way we have come up with five sure fire ways to miss out on some of the best that Normandy has