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The humiliation of perfidious Guimond, from Moulins-la-Marche

This view is from the old castle, now just a hill, at Moulins-la-Marche in the Perche.  Looking out through gently swaying trees across the Perche countryside or back into the town it’s hard to believe these were once the badlands of medieval Normandy. Marche in this instance is from ‘marka’ an

Matilda’s gift, from Barfleur

In 1066 Matilda, wife of William, Duke of Normandy, commissioned a ship for a king. Her husband was still a Duke but she knew he would conquer that muddy country to the north. The ship was built in Barfleur and named Mora. Ship building for the invasion had started in the

A Conqueror’s change of heart

In the charming town of Falaise we saw this dramatic monument to that battle hungry medieval warrior, William the Conqueror. Rightly represented as a triumphant king, William's statue is surrounded by earlier Dukes of Normandy: Robert the Magnificent, Richard the Good (very good at propaganda, also known as the Irascible), Richard

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