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WW2 photo match – bombing the Andaines forest in 1944

This is a photograph of a A-20G bomber of the 645th Bombardment Squadron, 410th Bombardment Group, 97th Combat Bombardment Wing, IX Bomber Command releasing its bomb load over the Andaines forest, in the Orne. During WW2 the forest hid fuel and ammunition stores for the German 7th Army.  Allies bombed the forest

A modest WW2 Resistance hero and the V-1 flying bomb, at Val Ygot

V2 rocket Normandy

In the summer of 1943, a middle aged Frenchman in blue overalls pushed a wheelbarrow past German sentries into a construction site at Bonnetot, between Dieppe and Rouen in Normandy. The man, Michel Hollard, did not look extraordinary but he was.  Audacious and brave, Michel’s actions that day would go on

News from Carentan, Tilly & Caen: Snapshot from a war, 14 June 1944

Carentan Normandy

During the Second World War, news, particularly good news was shared quickly across the Allied world.  While each battle has been studied in detail by historians over the years, at the time newspapers reported them hurriedly as steps towards freedom. Reading those old papers today we are for a moment transported

American soldier in Normandy; drawings from 1944

Victor Alfred Lundy was 21 years old when he was shipped out to Europe, in August 1944.  D-Day and the army had changed his plans from architecture, to the infantry. Enlisting Victor enlisted in the army in December of 1941, the day after the bomb was dropped on Pearl Harbour. He was accepted into

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